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If you like I'll take you back,
With all my heart.

I'm still alone

I know you're not what you were.

Like a flower pulled into parts.
Don't crawl! Stare at me bravely.

If you like I'll take you back.

For myself, but
I won't even share! Even with a mirror.

The Blueprint

This is my plan for world domination: I am
unscrewing the world. Everywhere I go, I carry a
screwdriver around with me. Then I unscrew
anything I can - bathrooms, tables at restaurants,
people's bookshelves, trains. Once I unscrewed
an entire McDonalds table in California, Virginia, New York, and all USA. One day,
the world will go CRAASHH! from all the lack of
screws and then I'll be the ruler of the universe.


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